vrijdag 21 september 2018

The Crane Coat

Crane Hope Coat by Marijke van Welzen, Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

My fb friends Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer are creating The Crane Hope project. 
It will be a series of many quilts with cranes.The project will be exhibited in 2019.

You can read all about it here

Crane Quilt by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer
One day Jim posted a photo on facebook of a quilt in progress.

I commented on the photo: This looks like a skirt to me. We talked about coats and kimonos and to make a long story short, I volunteered to make a Crane Coat.
They sent me a set of 25 colourful crane blocks and a bunch of white ones plus a load of white fabric.

As I had envisioned the skirt I decided to start there.

The skirt consists of 5 rows of colourful cranes in different shades of green, blue, purple, red and yellow and white. I saved the black and grey and some more white blocks for the top.

I decided to use the same cotton for the lining as well, all seams are covered. I also started quilting the skirt.

This was supposed to be a coat, so I had to decide on how to make the top.
The top is fitted with a kimono sleeve. I used the white fabric and the rest of the white blocks. I lined out the black and grey blocks on the back with the purple row in the skirt.

As the top was fitted and I wanted all the seams to be closed it wasn't easy to quilt. 

I delivered the coat in Florida myself this summer. Jim and Andy were delighted to receive it.

woensdag 23 mei 2018

International Quilt Festival Luxembourg

I was invited to exhibit my work in Wilwerwitz Luxembourg for the 8th International Quilt Festival Luxembourg May 10- 13 2018

On May 8th we drove to Luxembourg with a car full of my coats , quilts and all the exhibition materials. We arrived in Wilwerwitz in the afternoon and could set up my exhibition right away.

I had a nice big room for myself in the Centre Communal in Wilwerwitz. This is the starting point of the Quiltfestival . During 4 days there are about 20 different locations in 4 villages where you can see many different exhibitions of artists from all over the world. In churches, farmers' sheds and cafes. There is also a shopping tent for fabrics and notions. There are small shuttle buses to take the visitors to the different villages.

The opening reception was on Wednesday night which was very well-attended.
I was able to take a peek at the artwork of the other artists in the building, meet the Quilt Festival staff, many supporters, some of the other invited artists including Nancy Prince, Danny Amazonas, Denise Labadie and Wil Fritsma.

Here you see an overview of the second floor of the Centre Communal with the exhibitions of Wil Fritsma, Denise Labadie and Danny Amazonas.

The first day of the Quilt Festival was extremely busy with visitors from Germany, France , The Netherlands and of course Luxembourg. A constant change of speaking different languages. In the end I didn't know what language I was speaking anymore.

We even got a surprise visit of Xavier Bettel, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg. He took a lot of pictures himself and was very enthousiastic about the Quilts and the Festival.

He posted an album on his Facebook page and wrote:
Den 8. internationale Quiltfestival am Kiischpelt ass e Besuch wäert. Ech war haut op Visite a sin impressionéiert vun deenen immense Wierker déi ausgestallt sinn. Do verbënnt sech Kreativitéit, Kënnen, Gedold an Ausdauer mateneen a vill Léift fir den Detail. Ech wënschen den Organisateuren vill Succès! De Festival dauert nach bis den 13.05 an et ginn och Workshops offréiert, wou ee selwer kann déi Passioun kenneléieren.

On Friday we had a lot of visitors again. Everybody was extremely interested in my work and very appreciative. It' s amazing and deeply humbling to see how some of the visitors were overcome by emotions when looking at my work.

It was good to see so many men at a quilt show. When I remarked on this, a visitor said: they have to, they have to drive us between the villages. But still they came in too and were very interested.

Saturday and Sunday were less busy, but we still had quite a lot of visitors.
This also gave us the opportunity to visit with some of the other exhibitions ourselves.

Danny Amazonas was absolutely taken by my work. Here I am showing him around and we discussed techniques and construction together.

I had an incredible time at the Quilt Festival and want to thank the organizers for inviting me.

donderdag 17 augustus 2017


This is my coat STILL*LIFE


I used the Mastery fabric by Hoffman from the Mastery digital print collection.

When seeing this fabric it reminded me very strongly of the paintings of Dutch and Flemish Masters of the 17th Century. I did some research on the subject matter.
There is a fascinating website by the Dutch Rijksmuseum where you can find their entire collection. You are allowed to use the pictures for your own use, you are even encouraged to make your own art with use of the pictures.here
The designers of this fabric must have used something similar as most of the flowers seem to have come straight from these paintings.

Willem van Aelst- Flower still life with watch


When visiting Amsterdam I found a carpet in a trendy store also using this subject matter.

That's when I knew what I wanted to do. I started by collecting large artificial flowers, petals, leaves and more fabrics. It is as if my brain is tuned into the subject matter and then I find all sorts of things I can use. In the local farmers market I found two more digitally printed fabrics in the same style. While doing my research I noticed tiny insects in the paintings, would that have been by chance or on purpose? Furthermore there were all sorts of food depicted. Very interesting indeed. I looked into the symbolic meaning of a couple of those and decided to use them in my work.


I had a lot of fun making this coat, adding all sorts of animals, fruit and insects.

I made three different versions of a Still Life in the style of the old masters.


In some places the still life grew into more natural the branches and flowers or is it the other way around?

The finishing touches include a collar, seam treatment and the lining.


maandag 24 juli 2017

Masterclass Jasje met een thema

Op 21 en 22 juli 2017 was het zover !
De Masterclass 'Jasje met een thema" bij Hawar in Oldeberkoop, Friesland.

"Masterclass Jasje met een thema.  Vertel je eigen verhaal in Textiel.
Heeft u de jassen van Marijke gezien ? Het artikel in Vezel nr. 3 over The Emperor’s Garden gelezen? Misschien heeft u gedacht “Zo’n jasje zou ik graag eens zelf maken”.

Tijdens deze workshop maken we ( een begin voor) een jasje met behulp van de Textielcollage techniek. Met kleine lapjes en de gekleurde draad van de naaimachine tekenen we als het ware ons eigen verhaal."

De Masterclass was met 8 deelnemers helemaal volgeboekt.

We zijn begonnen met een textielcollage rond een thema.  We besteden veel aandacht aan kleurgebruik en compositie. Deze collage kon worden gebruikt als uitgangspunt voor een helemaal zelf gemaakt jasje òf op een bestaand jasje verwerkt worden.

onderstaande voorbeelden dienen ter inspiratie:

De deelnemers konden ervoor kiezen om de collage op een bestaand jasje te verwerken en het jasje compleet te maken met meerdere kleurrijke accenten.
Druiven Art2wear
Seizoenswisseling Art2wear

Of ervoor kiezen het jasje helemaal zelf te maken en de collage nog verder uit te breiden met toevoegingen van stukken effen stof zoals de voorbeelden hierboven.
In ieder geval moest men er rekening mee houden dat het jasje thuis afgemaakt moet worden. Hiervoor is wel ervaring met kleding maken een vereiste!

de deelnemers in opperste concentratie
hieronder enkele werkstukken in wording


Hilda Wessels



Opvallend is: 8 deelnemers 8 heel "eigen 'werkstukken. Geweldig!

Textielinstituut Hawar is beroemd en alom geprezen voor de uitstekend verzorgde lunches.

Terwijl wij hard aan het werk waren in het atelier  was lunchkok Paco hard aan het werk in de keuken om ons van een heerlijke  lunch met koude en warme gerechten te voorzien. Iedere dag stond de gedekte tafel voor ons klaar, we konden zo aanschuiven.
Toppunt van luxe!

's Avonds was er de lezing met beamerpresentatie  "The sky is the limit" waarin ik verteld heb over mijn ontwikkeling als textielkunstenaar. Een heel bijzondere show-and-tell door de combinatie van foto's, interactieve opdrachten en meegebrachte ART2WEAR.

Op dag twee hebben we diverse aanvullende technieken en materialen  besproken en gedemonstreerd en gedifferentieerd gewerkt.
De bedoeling was ook om meer intuïtief te werken en  grenzen te verleggen, dat is beslist gelukt.

Er kwamen steeds meer materialen op tafel en ik had me nog zorgen gemaakt of iedereen wel genoeg spullen zou mee nemen

Werkstukken aan het eind van de tweede dag.

Elly Francke




Reflectie, moe maar voldaan!

Tevens is er aandacht besteed aan de technische aspecten van het afmaken en afwerken van een zelfgemaakt jasje. 

Seizoenswisseling Art2wear

Seizoenswisseling Art2wear

Technieken en tips die iedereen natuurlijk altijd weer kan gebruiken bij het ontwerpen en uitvoeren van projecten in de toekomst.

Beslist voor herhaling vatbaar zo'n Masterclass!