zondag 1 maart 2020

20 years of Textile Art


(not all ) Roses are Red

From 20-02-2020 until 20-04-2020 Exhibition Textile Art in museum het Wevershuis in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Under the label Art2wear Marijke loves to make wearable Art pieces with a story to tell. Textile is her Passion as it lends itself to infinite possibilities of expression.
with the tactile aspect, the flexibility, the unlimited colour range and the visual texture. 

Marijke starts with a theme. Around this theme fabrics and all kinds of useful materials are  collected. She works intuitively from there. The outcome is always a surprise, even she doesn’t know beforehand what the finished piece will look like.
She  uses all sorts of surface design techniques. Starting with many tiny pieces of fabric, and colourful machine-threads she 'paints' her designs. 
The story grows under her hands, it works like a kind of puzzle, sometimes it is easy to find a fitting piece and other times it takes longer until some more pieces turn up.

Due to the Corona Virus the exhibition closed on March 13 2020

Here are some more pictures of the exhibition.

Critters' Garden Party

Dandelions and Dragonflies

left: Sunlit Orchard
right: The Butterfly Effect

left: The Emperor's Garden
right: Growth

left: Once in a blue moon
right: Moonlit Orchard

Paradise lost

You can read more in Hilda's blog here

zondag 20 oktober 2019

Nadelwelt Karlsruhe 2019

 NADELWELT in Karlsruhe, is a big event which offers its visitors a balanced mix of sales event, art exhibition and has a comprehensive course program for patchwork, sewing, embroidery, knitting, cross stitch, crochet, spinning and much more.

I was invited to have an exhibition of my Textile Art at Nadelwelt Karlsruhe 2019. The event took place from May 3 till May 5.

On Wednesday we loaded up the car with my quilts and coats and 5 display stands. We arrived at the hotel in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe in the afternoon. Ettlingen is a lovely place with a nice pedestrian area with shops and restaurants.

On Thursday we drove to the exhibition area Messe Karlsruhe to hang my exhibition.

I had a beautiful space right at the entrance of the Event. Very light and spacious!

 Artists hanging their work

Friday , the first day of the exhibition was extremely busy, There were coaches from all over Germany, but also Denmark and France. The official opening time was 10.00 a.m. , but when we arrived there were already many visitors inside!

Each exhibitor had a sign at the side of the stand.

In the afternoons I taught a "workshop mittendrin " So right in the middle of my exhibit.

On Saturday there was a WDR film crew who took some shots of my workshop.

This group consisted of German, Dutch, and Norwegian participants which led to some mixed up language. We had great fun.!

The results, Patchwork postcards

An overview of the exhibition area

On Sunday it was quiet, so I could take a look around myself. There were a great number of interesting exhibits to see!

In October I received a copy of The Norsk Quilteblad with an article on the exhibit. Great!

I had a great time at Nadelwelt, I can certainly recommend you to visit one time !

woensdag 21 augustus 2019

Patchwork & Quiltdagen 2019

On April  11, 12 en 13  2019 I was invited to have an exhibition at Patchwork & Quiltdagen 2019 in De Broodfabriek  Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

The Patchwork & Quiltdagen are a yearly event with quilt exhibitions and a lot of vendors.
It is a very well-organised show with a great atmosphere.

I had a lot of space to show my coats and quilts.
It was great to talk to the visitors and see so many people enjoying them.

In the afternoons we had fun in the workshops.

photos courtesy of Marry Top and Nathalie Cassee

maandag 13 mei 2019

Video opnamen voor een kunstenaarsportrtret

Bij de opening van de tentoonstellingen in het Flower art museum zijn er videopnamen gemaakt door Desi Goudman en Jacques van Herten van Midvliet TV.

In het filmpje komen ook mijn mantels in beeld.
Dat kun je hier zien: Shapes of Nature

Naar aanleiding hiervan kreeg ik het aanbod om van mij een videoportret te maken.
Super! natuurlijk.

Er is een dag gefilmd in mijn atelier, waarbij ik van alles laat zien en uitleg geef over de door mij gebruikte technieken.

Op een zonnige dag in maart hebben we buitenopnamen gemaakt bij Kasteel Duivenvoorde.

En dan hier het resultaat : Wearable art Marijke van Welzen

met dank aan Desi Goudman, Jaques van Herten, Ingrid Wigleven, Diana van Opstal, Sunya Ayamedin en dochters.