woensdag 28 februari 2024

Exhibition at European Patchwork Meeting 2023

Among the world’s top 3 textile arts events, the European Patchwork Meeting offers a wide variety of textile artworks every year from patchwork to embroidery, mixed media, dyeing, crochet and lace: all forms of textile art come together for 4 days of frenzy.


Considered as the cradle of the Amish community, the villages of the Val d’Argent (Alsace) open their most beautiful venues and welcome an unforgettable festival of colors and materials, with each year more than 30 exhibitions of international artists.

A unique event in the heart of an atypical valley: Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines, Lièpvre and Rombach-le-Franc form an area with a singular mining and industrial history: a major centre for the extraction and exploitation of silver and other minerals.

I am really proud I was one of the exhibitors in 2023.

My venue was the Maison des Oeuvres in Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines    

A beautiful space for my Storytelling Coats and Quilts.
We had a wonderful time! It was really busy all the time.
We had lots of visitors from all over the world. Speaking many different languages.
There were times I didn't know what language I was speaking anymore.😂

A different outfit every day

With special thanks to Bernina for sponsoring me.

maandag 15 januari 2024

 Exhibition at Het Quiltfestival Noord-Groningen 

June 9,10,11 2023, Noord- Groningen, Uithuizen, Jacobus de Meerdere Kerk

The exhibition was part of a large Quiltfestival with many exhibitions in different villages.

Most of the visitors came by bike.

I exhibited there with two other Textile artists.

Nienke de Lange

Anke Pradel-Schonknecht

We had lots of visitors: about 1100 during the 3 days we were there.

It was so busy that I didn't have time to visit the other exhibitions myself.
It was great to see so many friends and make lots of new friends too.

 Exhibition Black & White, Flower art Museum

It was great to be part of this exhibition with three of my coats.

I also taught a workshop and gave a little tour of my work.

vrijdag 21 april 2023

 Exhibition 'Birds of Paradise' summer 2022

From July 14 till August 28 I participated in a three-women exhibition in Veere the Netherlands in a lovely gallery run by my friend Marijke Leertouwer.

The art in this exhibition is by Marijke Leertouwer, mixed media, Riet van Schaik, paintings and Marijke van Welzen, Textile Art.

Kunsthuis Veere , the house with the red door, is located at Markt, Veere , the Netherlands.


Here are some pictures of our exhibition.