dinsdag 20 november 2018

Collaboration Coat STIDOC

The coat is the result of a collaboration of all the Textile Organisations in the Netherlands.
There are woven, felted, needle-lace, crochet and quilted parts.
The original design is by artist Liesbeth van Loo.
Each organisation received a pattern part and a colour sample. The coat was assembled by a representative of the Dutch Costume association.

I was asked to make a part by the Dutch Quiltersguild. I made the yellow and green part.

My part is a part of the skirt, at first I didn't know where it would end up.
But luckily I was sent a picture with all the pattern pieces.
I was abler to figure out that it would be at the back.

I started to select scraps and fabrics from my stash in the compulsory colours.
It turned out I had a lot of purple scraps. I used those to make big 3D flowers.

I used a simple drawing of a poppy as inspiration. To make the flowers I used the crazy quilt Technique with lots of stitching. Some flowers have two layers of leaves.

For the background I used yellow and green fabrics, cotton and silk, in flowing rounded shapes. I added stems, stitched and painted. And some glitter with paintstiks and some beads.