woensdag 26 januari 2022

Flowers & Fashion 

Exhibition of 11 artists around the theme of Fashion in the Flower Art Museum, the Netherlands.

July 15- October 10 2021

The Flower Art Museum is located in a former pump cellar in Aalsmeer, opposite the monumental water tower. It is definitely one of my favorite museums.
The museum organizes exhibitions in which the representation of flowers and plants in contemporary art is central.
I personally love flowers and nature, so these themes  frequently appear in my work.
The exhibition rooms are beautifully spacious with great attention to detail and lighting.
The work shown is very diverse; from jewelry, hats and paintings to colorful wearable art.

Agnes van Dijk 

Pieter Wagemans

Sylvia Blickman

Schoolchildren visiting

I had 5 pieces in this show: 
Another visit to the Garden

No Roses without Thorns 


It's a Jungle out there


I taught a Textile Collage workshop in the museum on October 10.