maandag 29 oktober 2012

Dandelions and Dragonflies

This is the last part of the photoshoot.

As this is a cozy Winter coat, I saved this a little longer.

'Dandelion seeds and Dragonflies, both as light as air, carried by the wind for long distances, so fragile, yet so strong' 

This fabric actually was a fleece blanket we were given as a Christmas gift by our employer one year.
One of my colleagues generously gave me hers as well, when she heard about my plan to use it for a coat.

The dandelions were the result of a mandala drawing based on sound waves, when I had finished it, I thought it resembled a dandelion.

polyester fleece, wool, cotton, silk
machine-needle felting, thread painting, appliquée, water-soluble fabric.

clothing  ART2WEAR  by Marijke van Welzen
photography  Wim van der Stelt, Marijke van Welzen
make-up  Angela Balradj