woensdag 30 januari 2019

Exhibition Colours of Winter

On Saturday January 29 2019 was the opening reception of the new exhibitions, Colours of Winter and Shapes of Nature, in the Flower Art museum in the Netherlands.
I'm taking part in the Colours of Winter exhibition with 10 of my coats.

For the opening there were 10 models to show my work. 

The correspondent of a local newspaper wrote this:
"  VerdrInken in Schoonheid
Al direct bij binnenkomst werd het publiek verrast op prachtige Japanse bloemsierkunst. Vervolgens was er de verwondering van de modellen die staande op sokkels imposante gewaden droegen. Iedere jas heeft een ander verhalend patroon en de vlammende kleuren vloeien in elkaar over. Ontwerpster en maakster van de gewaden; Marijke van Welzen moet over een ongelooflijk geduld bezitten. Twee jassen per jaar gaan er door haar handen. Hier ist es! Neem hiervoor 
de tijd en laat je blik verdrinken in de schoonheid ervan. "

" Drowning in Beauty
Directly when entering the show the public was surprised by a beautiful Japanese flower arrangement. Then there was the wonderment of the models standing on their pedestals wearing imposing garments. Each coat with another story telling design and the flaming colours flowing into each other.
Designer Marijke van Welzen must possess an incredible amount of patience. She makes about two coats a year. Here it is ! Take your time to see it and let your gaze drown in the beauty of it all."

Instead of the dressmakers forms  we placed the models on the pedestals.
Mind you during the exhibition the coats will be shown on dressmakers forms.

Violinist Merel Vercammen gave a preview of her concerts in the museum.

There were speeches to open the exhibitions 

And then the Japanese ambassador Mr H. Inomata and his wife opened the exhibitions.

Of course the models could mingle with the public now.

Houston Quilt show

In November 2018 I went to the Houston Quilt Festival for the first time ever!
I had entered quilts in different challenges and it happened that 4 of those would be in this show. So I thought I should go to see them there.

I arrived on Wednesday late in the afternoon, but decided to go to Preview night right away.
As I had a registered show pass I could walk by all the people waiting in line, which is a huge advantage.

I was told it would be immense, 4 halls, 3 filled with shops and one full of quilts. Immense it definitely was! At this time it was not crowded at all, because the “streets” between the exhibits are really wide. 

I decided to take a quick look around and visit my 4 quilts in the show first.

I met Luana Rubin at the Love your mother exhibit.

My quilt Mother Earth is losing her Marbles.

This is my quilt Mother earth is losing her marbles. I depicted the 7 continents with their endangered wildlife.

As you can see Mother Earth is barely holding on She needs our help.

The second exhibit I visited was the International Miniature Quilt Exhibit where I met Ricky Tims. He was really interested in everybody’s quilts and where we were from. My partner was Barbara Jensen. Each International quilter was paired up with a quilter from the USA. The American quilts are on the bottom. We were encouraged to send emails to get to know each other, but could not share any pictures of the quilt we were making. These quilts will travel some more and in the end we will get each others quilt.

detail of Mum's Garden

Thursday November 8th was the first day of Houston Quilt Festival. I started out of my hotel early to pick up my official show guide and pin. I saw the large queues outside the Hall entrances and decided to wait a little before trying to enter the show. But again it turned out I could pass by the queue and wave my show pass to the guard, no scanning needed. Brilliant!


First up was a gallery talk by Luana Rubin at the Love your mother exhibit. I met Elizabeth Budd, the grand prize winner of this challenge. 

We are all one by Elizabeth Budd
Each artist had to use a version of the fabric panel above, either the Americas, Australia or Africa. Bummer that they didn’t have one of Europe. Luana told me Nasa can’t get a cloudless picture of Europe, that’s why.

We met up with a couple of artists and each of us explained about our inspiration and making our pieces.

This is Mirvia Aranda – Aunque se nos fue la mano (Even if it got out of our hands) , second prize winner. My absolute favourite! It was a pity Mirvia couldn't attend.
At the teachers’ luncheon the artists sat at a table in the front and were introduced to the attendees and the  prizes were awarded by Luana Rubin, followed by a lecture by Pam Holland. We had a great time together.

Later in the day there were some groups of school children who asked questions about our exhibit and about my quilt. 

In the afternoon I also had a date at the OURstory exhibit. Unfortunately this was a No Photographs exhibit. The local newspaper did publish an article with a photo though.

This exhibit is about Human Rights. The call for “OURstory” quilts asked artists to consider several questions: What right is most important to them? With which group that struggles to get those rights do they most identify? Which leader of a human rights movement is their hero? What is their story, struggle, or victory? The resulting collection of 60+  art quilts—created by artists from six different countries—tells the stories of disenfranchised people and their fights for equal rights, and celebrates the heroes who fought for rights long denied to various groups of people and drew the attention of news media and the public

Susanne Miller Jones and Todd Jones

On Friday I had a Headshot Photo session scheduled with Bonnie McCaffery. 
Wow, she took hundreds of photos! Sitting, standing, smiling, being serious, I was really tired after an hour. The hardest part was to choose the pictures. There were so many great ones. Here are the results, I am extremely happy with these.

In the evening I went to the SAQA reception. I met quite a few people I knew by name from the world-wide-web and made a lot of new friends.

Saturday I did some shopping. I bought lovely stencils with an Eastern theme. A roll of Steam-a-seam 2, which I had never used before. Turns out it’s Great Stuff! Should have bought more as it is hard to get around here.

At noon we had a book signing at the Cherrywood fabric booth. There were at least 18 artists there. Karla had provided a name badge for each of us with a picture of the quilt we have in the exhibition. So thoughtful! We signed each other’s books and of course customers’ books as well.

I had noticed people walking around with small ribbons stuck to their entry passes. So I asked if they were for sale somewhere. I was taken to the organizers’ table where they had them. I just had to say I have 4 pieces in Special Exhibits, et voila, I received 4 of those ribbons. Of course I stuck them to my pass as well.

On Sunday I went to some short sessions at the Open Studios. Then at the Juki stand I had my portrait stitched by Mingi Jung a great artist from Korea. I especially love the way he drew my jacket.

In the evening I went to dinner with my friend Els from Saba. This was a great way to finish my visit to Houston Quilt Festival 2018.