maandag 5 oktober 2015

ATT Quiltergilde 2015

The exhibition was a great success.
Besides all the lovely quilts of members of the Quiltersgilde, I had 6 of my coats in the show.

here an impression:


There are snakes lurking in the grass

Tickled pink



The emperor's garden
I had a great time talking to visitors and explaining about my work.

for pictures of the quilts:

vrijdag 24 juli 2015

Over the Rainbow

For this coat I used hand-dyed fabric by Heide Stoll-Weber of for the background. I bought a piece of her sateen once, but that was not enough, so I contacted Heide and asked her to send me more, something that would go with what I already had.

This is the 2015 Hoffman Challenge fabric

I used the Hoffman Challenge fabric together with other stripes and checkers and vintage sari fabric to make the top and 4 large butterflies.

I always work on a base fabric, in this case a white batting.
I chose different pieces of the rainbow fabric to fill out the background, as I wanted to work from dark at the bottom to orange and yellow on the top.

After assembling the various parts I quilted the pieces and finished the coat.

The butterflies are flying over the rainbow.
The top of the coat resembles a morphing butterfly ready to follow and fly away
Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow won 1st place Aurifil in the 2015 Hoffman Challenge, USA

maandag 13 juli 2015

Quilt-en-sud 2015

I was invited to send some pieces to Quilt-en-sud in Biarritz for the fashion show this year.

This is my cloak (Not all) Roses are red

Notice the beautiful espadrilles especially made for this occasion

The second part of the défilé was with clothes made with Guldusi embroideries

This is my jacket Graffiti made with 5 pieces of Guldusi embroidery complimented with graffiti stitching a la Karlee Porter

I also took part in an exhibit called La Culotte with embroidered shorts I made about 35 years ago.

you can see more of the fashion show on 

maandag 6 juli 2015

B(l)oeiende Quilts

De tentoonstelling B(l)oeiende quilts in Zeeland bestaat uit 3 onderdelen. 
De wedstrijdquilts van het Quiltersgilde in het Historisch Museum de Bevelanden te Goes en het Fruitteeltmuseum te Kapelle en een zomerexpositie van diverse quilts in de Grote Kerk in Goes.

Donderdag 2 juli was de prijsuitreiking in de grote kerk in Goes.

Met mijn quilt 'Moonlit Orchard'heb ik de eerste prijs gewonnen

hierbij een fotoimpressie van de prijsuitreiking en de opening van de zomerexpositie

Ontvangst door het bestuur van het quiltersgilde en de Directeur van het museum, Hans Oomen

Toespraak van Inge Schoonderwoerd, voorzitter Quiltersgilde

De prijzen werden overhandigd door Loes Meeuwisse, wethouder van cultuur Goes
De winnares van de 3e prijs Riet Deuling
De winnares van de 2e prijs Simone de Haan

De winnares van de 1e prijs Marijke van Welzen
De openingshandeling door Jon Henselman. wethouder van cultuur  Kapelle