woensdag 6 april 2011

With love ..... from Holland

This time I want to show you my coat 'With love....... from Holland'
I have been working at schools for secondary education for 32 years now.
Always at so-called 'black'schools, with pupils from foreign countries, whose parents came to the Netherlands to work here. These people were expected to go back to their own countries, by our government anyway.
Of course that didn't happen, and now they're part of our society.
As a matter of fact they are as Dutch as I am!
In this coat I used portraits, symbols and attributes belonging to the different ethnic groups.
They're  the new Dutch  symbols!

Dutch girl

Chinese grandma

Turkish girl

Hindu boy

Jewish girl

Creole girl from Surinam


3 opmerkingen:

  1. This coat and these symbols speak loudly and beautifully of the "new Holland" of yall of your work and dedication. Wow!

  2. het blijft toch geweldig - al die mooie jassen.