zaterdag 1 mei 2021

Key West Vibes

Key West Vibes

I made this quilt for Floridian Flavors , a SAQA regional exhibit in Florida.

You can see it in person at the Leepa Rattner museum of Art , Tarpon Springs, Florida

Most of the fabrics were bought in Florida. I found some excellent ones at  the seamshoppe during this trip.

We spent some time in Key West long ago and in December 2019 we decided to stay there again for a couple of days. We went for long walks and I took some pictures of the chickens and the lush vegetation. This trip gave me tons of inspiration for my quilt.

From The lush tropical foliage

The chickens in the streets!

The amazing sunsets

                                                     The buzz of Duval street,

                                                     The laid-back atmosphere

                                                     You gotta love Key West

You can see the entire exhibit online :here 

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